Monday, May 6, 2013

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon

this is so crazy and awesome! i just love this style when i first watch it.
i know its a bit late for that, because i just watch it a few days ago.

i personally don't like fps game, because of the limitation of field of view, but i play some fps before like counter strike, call of duty: modern warfare 1-3 (i just want to know what the hype with 3, then want to know the storyline, so i play 1-2).

what i want to discuss here is the use of neon style graphic as well as presentation for an old tv and old advertisement style. i think our are is coming back to the 80's-90's

i just want to learn how to make that kind of retro style, because it is very classic! i think this game is interesting, maybe I will watch the play-through.

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