Monday, May 20, 2013

Exporting or Save only the inside of Artboard or Canvas in Illustrator

did you know that i am currently on some random post streak? i didn't stick to 1 particular topic in this blog, what i want is to share as much information and help to other as many as possible and this was my problem in the past that i think worth sharing. haha

how many of you have been stuck with this kind of problem. even i am one of you before. now i know how to handle this kind of trouble, so i will share it with you.

take example that you have a design that goes beyond the canvas / artboard border like this, and you want to export the exact size like this.

the very basic thing you do if you want to make a jpg or png from illustrator is go to file > export, but the result is always like this:

notice that what's inside the preview is not what you want, it will become like this when exported

so to solve this problem, all you have to do is notice the little checkbox on the bottom of the format called "use artboard", this will make sure that only inside the artboard or canvas that will be exported. 

some people give the solution by using file > save for web & device, that solution can also be use, so you can use to what you like, i just preferred this method (because there's no huge preview popup)

you can choose all to export all artboard (more than 1), or you can choose specific artboard number, you can check this by going to file > document setup, then choose edit artboard, or just press shift+O (not zero)

see the preview window to check if your design was properly cropped
you can also do this to the design that was smaller than the artboard / canvas, usually if you don't check the "use artboard", illustrator will crop it to every object inside, just repeat the process and you are the master of the artboard!
that's it for now, i hope this can help your problem and help brighten your day.

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