Saturday, January 26, 2013

Great day + disco

today is a very great day, why? because it's sunday. there is rain over this week and make a lot of people crazy, but today seems to be fine.

yesterday i was looking for something fun and thought about searching for old material that i did before. i was surprised that i have an after effect project that i was making and left just like that. it is finish and ready to be rendered, so all i have to do is render this and upload to youtube.

i can't believe that i can make such a thing in 2011, if i remember correctly, i am learning after effect in 2008, so it's been almost 5 years. what a surprise even when i am typing this. :)

wow, i just won't realize that i have 4+ years experience in after effect if i don't write this post for you. so i thank you for visiting this blog.

tutorial coming next week, and i was thinking about making a post once a week in sunday.
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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ironman hud and ui

Hi, how are you today? me? i'm just gonna go to my computer and program some user interface (UI) for my cool looking iron man helmet!

actually, it's a lie, accept for the cool user interface and ironman.

i record and edit this some months ago, but i just never finished it, because i have some consideration to make. add this, remove this, add some more, there's no end. and finally i abandon this project.

today while i was looking for a topic to this blog, i though about going and finish every video that i haven't finished, so here's one of them.

back a while, i was wondering what if i get to see some cool info (ui) like iron man (tony stark) does?
because i cannot act in front of a camera, my movement would be funny and i decided to go with tony's point of view, but now it's my (or your) point of view.

i was watching some iron man film to get a good reference what it feel like when the helmet is not yet turn on. i got some of it here: (it's actually a very small hole to see through)

all of the image above is from flight test scene.

mostly my hud inspiration is from this scene, it is shown most of it's UI and feature of his hud.

this is my test to create iron man HUD (heads-up display).
some info for you guys: HUD is the info you have on your screen when you play some video game, either first or third person, like ammo, health, mini-map, and so on.

as always, if you have any question about this effect, you can email me at

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Some Tips on Time Lapse

At last i got some time to record a tips video on time lapse topic. actually i am already planning to publish this post yesterday, but suddenly i have a power short (or outbreak or cut or whatever you like to call. in my language, it will be light dead, just like that.), so after that i just forget what i want to do, so it continue until now :).

there will be a lot of how to in the internet, if you just search how to make time lapse, how to shoot time lapse. there will be a lot more great tutorial on how to do just that.
the question is, what to do after that? after you shoot that hundreds of photos? how do you process that into a video? here i just share my method that you can use for your project.

if you have something that i miss, please let me know,
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i will be happy to answer that.

wow, my voice feels funny :) and a little bit echo, because i record this on a small and bouncy walls

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Another Cloudy, with time lapse

Before i was giving you the picture of some cloud at my country, some of the picture was taken for a time lapse video, time lapse is very interesting and i am still in progress to get some more pictures for the future.
here is some preview of my time lapse (24fps), it's not perfect, but pretty decent.

please let me know if you have any question about time lapse, you can email me at i'm answer your question the best i could.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Cloudy, with no chance of rain

it is cloudy and bright day at the same time, there is no chance of rain because it is building up rain for tomorrow. "not today!"

there are a lot of cloud for this past few days, i'm very happy with it, very beautiful clouds there. Best of all, i can make it a stock photo!, yeah (but this have no selling point), instead of charging you a dollar, i just gonna share this for free.

if i do remember correctly, i took it for 3 days, if you like it please share with your friends.