Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ironman hud and ui

Hi, how are you today? me? i'm just gonna go to my computer and program some user interface (UI) for my cool looking iron man helmet!

actually, it's a lie, accept for the cool user interface and ironman.

i record and edit this some months ago, but i just never finished it, because i have some consideration to make. add this, remove this, add some more, there's no end. and finally i abandon this project.

today while i was looking for a topic to this blog, i though about going and finish every video that i haven't finished, so here's one of them.

back a while, i was wondering what if i get to see some cool info (ui) like iron man (tony stark) does?
because i cannot act in front of a camera, my movement would be funny and i decided to go with tony's point of view, but now it's my (or your) point of view.

i was watching some iron man film to get a good reference what it feel like when the helmet is not yet turn on. i got some of it here: (it's actually a very small hole to see through)

all of the image above is from flight test scene.

mostly my hud inspiration is from this scene, it is shown most of it's UI and feature of his hud.

this is my test to create iron man HUD (heads-up display).
some info for you guys: HUD is the info you have on your screen when you play some video game, either first or third person, like ammo, health, mini-map, and so on.

as always, if you have any question about this effect, you can email me at

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