Monday, April 29, 2013

Hold for a week

i am sorry, this week is very busy, and i won't type anything long or even whine about how busy i am.
just to let you know, i am in progress of making a new tutorial. it's just that i need some time to experiment more.

well, i have to update once in a week, better something than nothing. i will make it on time next week. until then, please wait and enjoy your life.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Optical Illusion

not really how-to video this week, i am having trouble as electricity in my house have some problem, thus affecting internet connection and upload process is a bit delayed.

I'm always like and interested in creating optical illusion, so I just started one on my home. i think this is a great practical art, i hope this can last.

I am taking a time lapse photo of the process, really had fun making this. I am using duct tape that i haven't use a lot, and this take about 30 minutes to make.

I hope you enjoy it.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Journey mountain matte painting tutorial

at last, i finish this tutorial. i think that it is better to make a real time tutorial than pre-recorded than speak into it.
maybe because i am still learning to make tutorial that i have some difficulties making one.
what i learn was i mumble a lot when talking and working at the same time, haha.

well, in this tutorial, i want to show you how to make a painting out of a movie, then import to photoshop, then import back to after effect.
and some idea to make this mountain look epic. please enjoy.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Mountain Matte Painting

i was going for holiday at ciawi, indonesia yesterday and found this cool looking mountain (the real one of course).
after saw this incredible mountain, i remember the mountain from journey game which make me feel awesome when remembering it!
so i decided to record and make a matte painting out of it.

this turn out to be very great, i just love the looking of this mountain.

for the time being, tutorial coming 1-2 weeks from post time, hopefully i can make it just 1 week.

I will cover step by step to draw the mountain and setting up the lighting (hope you are interested in this),
please wait for me and keep checking this blog. thank you

Monday, April 1, 2013

Favorite + Favorite = EPIC

well, i cannot think of any other title for this post. i do want to share something related to the title.

i always a big fan of motion capture and i wish i can be one of the actor someday.
my another favorite is game, i love playing video games and so 1 of many is assassin's creed series.

what happen when assassin's creed meet with motion capture (shorten mocap)?
i'll say its EPIC! super awesome and not to mention the fluidity of animation inside assassin's creed game.

please see it:
sadly, embed is disabled, so i can only give you the link.

i also like and enjoy watching the making of avatar from james cameron, its just so awesome that those people can make that kind of creation with that kind of technology. what's more stunning is the person who is making the technology itself. it sure is a game changing era!