Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy new year 2013

happy new year to all of you, may this year become a very nice year.
speaking of new year celebration, it will come with fireworks, so i have this picture of firework lit near my house.

this is a small size picture to upload inside this blog, if you like bigger version, please click on the image to see my deviantart page and download it there

Sunday, December 30, 2012


time for unrelated post! here is my photo that i took not too long but i forgot when.
it's a great place to be, very nice scenery.

please check it out at my devianart because i forgot where i put the picture, thank you.
(this is a correction for my statement saying i'm lazy to upload here, i'm very sorry because at that time i am lazy to "think" what to write, not to upload)

Photography - In Between Mountain

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Almost New Year

what are you guys doing today? or tomorrow? or next year?

it's almost new year, have you make any resolutions? in case you don't know resolutions (maybe non-english speaker), it's your computer screen size, if you right click on your desktop, there will be change resolutions.......

oh silly me, resolutions is target to achieve, i don't know why its called that instead of just target.

speaking of resolution, this video just pop into my mind, it's a very cool stop motion music video, they change the title and add their account name, in case someone steal their video, so i'm pretty sure that this video is the original.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

changing title and cool special effect

I've change the title because "station" is a bit off, this is no spaceship! this is.... my blog.

and i found this cool special effect video by a great youtube guy, you know who they are. if don't, just watch the video, they're great!

this is somewhat old video, but i just watch it recently :)

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmast!

Merry Christmast to all of you.

i found this awesome video to make realistic waving fire. i think you should check him because his explanation was very clear and informative.

he also write cool tutorial here:

My Music Video :)

not really MY music video, because it's their song and i do help them make the video.

when i was looking at my youtube playlist, favorite, likes, history. i realize that i have something that i should have shared with you some time ago.

to be honest, i often want to post something, but not in video format or something edited, its just something i want to share, but my idealism make me stuck on my own.
Editing station idealism means that i only share video editing stuff made by me and not take someone works. now i realize that i don't need to think too much on this idealism and just move on. if i need to share some great stuff, i will just share it and support whoever make that great stuff.

anyway, i'm really sorry for all the long pause that i have make in this blog, i humbly thank you who come here and read my post. (and i don't like reading long post)

so here is my work: (for you to know, this is my final project when study at university :))

and my end word (and i think this is necessary):
please share if you like it and i just register on google+, so feel free to add me as your buddy (and facebook too if you want)