Monday, December 24, 2012

My Music Video :)

not really MY music video, because it's their song and i do help them make the video.

when i was looking at my youtube playlist, favorite, likes, history. i realize that i have something that i should have shared with you some time ago.

to be honest, i often want to post something, but not in video format or something edited, its just something i want to share, but my idealism make me stuck on my own.
Editing station idealism means that i only share video editing stuff made by me and not take someone works. now i realize that i don't need to think too much on this idealism and just move on. if i need to share some great stuff, i will just share it and support whoever make that great stuff.

anyway, i'm really sorry for all the long pause that i have make in this blog, i humbly thank you who come here and read my post. (and i don't like reading long post)

so here is my work: (for you to know, this is my final project when study at university :))

and my end word (and i think this is necessary):
please share if you like it and i just register on google+, so feel free to add me as your buddy (and facebook too if you want)

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