Monday, April 1, 2013

Favorite + Favorite = EPIC

well, i cannot think of any other title for this post. i do want to share something related to the title.

i always a big fan of motion capture and i wish i can be one of the actor someday.
my another favorite is game, i love playing video games and so 1 of many is assassin's creed series.

what happen when assassin's creed meet with motion capture (shorten mocap)?
i'll say its EPIC! super awesome and not to mention the fluidity of animation inside assassin's creed game.

please see it:
sadly, embed is disabled, so i can only give you the link.

i also like and enjoy watching the making of avatar from james cameron, its just so awesome that those people can make that kind of creation with that kind of technology. what's more stunning is the person who is making the technology itself. it sure is a game changing era!

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