Sunday, March 24, 2013

Super Slow Motion in After Effect

at last, this video is finished, wow. another great job done.
this is really need a lot of will power, but it's all for sharing.

this is a video of how i can make the effect like in the previous post. i hope that you can learn something or two from this video. in the previous post i mention that this effect was creating a still animation, but the more i think about it, this is more of a super slow motion effect. its still basically a still animation, it is depend how you will use it or how you will call it.

i am creating this super slow motion from still image using after effect and puppet warp, and a little bit of cropping with photoshop. this video is not really beginner as i am not mentioning any detail step on creating this effect.

if you are interested in learning some of the basic, this list will help you to learn what is nessecary (this is just a list, not a link)
1. introduction and concept behind puppet warp
2. how to crop your image using photoshop
3. fill feature in photoshop cs5
4. keyframing and animating in after effect

thank you for watching this video, i hope i can make more tutorial in the future.

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