Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Some Tips on Time Lapse

At last i got some time to record a tips video on time lapse topic. actually i am already planning to publish this post yesterday, but suddenly i have a power short (or outbreak or cut or whatever you like to call. in my language, it will be light dead, just like that.), so after that i just forget what i want to do, so it continue until now :).

there will be a lot of how to in the internet, if you just search how to make time lapse, how to shoot time lapse. there will be a lot more great tutorial on how to do just that.
the question is, what to do after that? after you shoot that hundreds of photos? how do you process that into a video? here i just share my method that you can use for your project.

if you have something that i miss, please let me know,
if you have some question, please email me at:
i will be happy to answer that.

wow, my voice feels funny :) and a little bit echo, because i record this on a small and bouncy walls

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