Saturday, May 25, 2013

creating a reflection for your photo in photoshop

today, i want to talk about making a reflection on a product that have been my recent project. what i make here is not a simple reflection, it is a realistic reflection, not some icon reflection.

here what i'm talking about
a lot of people will make a reflection like this,

and they happy about it….. don't know why
for me, that is the most unrealistic thing ever…obviously,

there is a great website that talk about this and they are great!

i am too want to give you some tips to create a reflection like this this product is very easy because of
1 thing: it touch the ground. because we don't have the information beneath the product, it will have a hard time creating the reflection, since this thing is on the ground, you only have to worry about making front reflection.

make a selection with rectangle marquee tool, but only select half of the corner of the box, use layer via copy to make a duplicate using that selection only.

do the same for the small side

so you got separate sides

select both of them, please remember to place them below the original picture (layer 0), and use free transform (ctrl + T), and select flip vertical.

place the reflection on the lowest point of the picture.

select 1 half of the picture, free transform, right click and select skew

drag the left side to make a perspective and align the picture bottom to bottom, repeat the process for the other.

then create a group, place both of them inside, make a mask, and use gradient to fade out, play with the opacity to make more transparent

that's it, i hope you enjoy it, and again, here is the result, see you next week

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