Saturday, February 16, 2013

Disco Finally here

Few weeks ago, i was showing an after effect project about disco floor. so this time, i am going to give you a tutorial on how to make one.

i tried to make this a short as possible, but it wasn't possible, this project took me around 1 to 1 and half hour and compressing it to 15 minutes maybe seems utterly impossible for me at the moment.

final result is 32 minutes even when i'm already skip some part but i still think i was carried away until it reach 30 minutes. I decided to split the video in half  because i don't have a super internet connection speed for uploading files and to make sure you won't bored to death.

I have make a time skip indicator so in case you only want to know certain part of the tutorial, you can skip ahead and learn that part in particular.

before you start watching, please read the description o the video or just read it down below to know what part is covered in which part. i thank you if you watch the whole video, i really appreciate it.

what covered in part 1
creating floor panel
creating blinking effect on the floor panel
arranging floor panel and glow
creating wall reflection

what covered in part 2
creating 3d text
creating light bounce on the text
creating 3d camera movement
some idea of what this project can be used.

that's all, enjoy my video. if you have any question, please email me or comment below or on youtube. i am planning on making more tutorial in a few days so please look forward to it.

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