Monday, March 5, 2012

Hero's week : lightning

i do some research on how lightning should look like, and i just finish watching thor. those lightning was awesome, not to mention that the characteristic of lightning suppose to be.

there are several type of lightning and there's also a thunder.
1. lightning ball, it's usually charge up, forming a ball, then shoot. i think this ball is very easy, but take time to animate the charge.
2. bolt, maybe i can make it the same as strike one, this type of lightning is long and wobbly around. but there are several type of bolt, one is zap then fade, and another is zapping for a longer period of time.
3. laser like bolt, like the one gash bell have for his spell zakeruga. i only think that this effect only available in anime, but i hope i can make it in real life.
4. lightning for the sky, not like any other type i mention above, this one doesn't come from your hand. you can achieve this effect from video copilot tutorial by andrew kramer.

i hope i can make each example above and apply it to real life footage.

i found this very nice heroes video from youtube, this is a good starting point embed is disabled :(

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